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Who We Are

The Dingo concept began in Australia in the early 1980’s. Current owner Gary Briggs, bought the Dingo manufacturing rights in 1991 and began to reinvent the Dingo from our factory in Dalby, Queensland. Since then Dingo Australia has pioneered the mini digger industry to the point where the Dingo is the brand people ask for by name and is a commonly seen labour saver on most job sites, hire yards and even the odd backyard renovation TV show. Dingo has established several overseas markets beginning with the USA in 1995, N.Z., South Africa, Chile and Europe.

Dingo remains Australian Owned and Australian Made for Australian Conditions. In an industry that has seen foreign imitators that compromise on, quality for price, come and go, Dingo has maintained its uncompromising commitment to quality, because we understand better than anyone what our Dingo owners put their machines through. Dingo Australia also understand the importance of after sales back-up for owners who rely on their Dingo for their business. Our nation wide branch and dealer network, with service technicians and comprehensive parts range in each location, provide an unmatched level of support for our Dingo owners.



Want all the latest news?