Multi Purpose Tool Overview

This Mount Plate is a handy tool which you can connect an array of attachments on such as Rippers, Towbar Ball, Lifting Jib and Auger Mate.


Rippers Times 1, 2 or 3 – The Ripper is considered by many people as an essential item for a Dingo. The attachments is designed to simply rip up tough ground as well as laying down new topsoil on a driveway etc.

Towbar / Ball – It is capable of towing items such as trailers and caravans, in excess of 2 tonne.

Jib – The Jib has been designed to lift a range of different items and has seven individual lift settings. These cater to a broad range of consumer needs and are ideal to use in areas which require frequent heavy lifting duties. The Jib is suitable for lifting items such as engines, posts, root balls and other items.

Auger Mate – The Auger Mate is ideal for lifting and moving large augers from their stands on a trailer to the ground and similar applications.


Click on the play button on the video to watch the Multi Purpose Tool in action.