Trencher Overview

The Dingo trenching system easily outperforms all pedestrian trenchers. Its hydraulic system ensures power is transferred to the digging chain. Combine this with the correct number of cutting teeth and the correct chain speed, and you will have the best possible cut. The Dingo Trencher gives the operator the ability to see what they are doing at all times, enabling visibility and maneuverability.

Trenchers come in 3 sizes to suit the 3 Dingos available.

Only the Handyman Trencher should be used on a Handyman Dingo.

The All-Rounder Trencher can be used on a Contractor and a All-Rounder Dingo.

The Contractor Trenchers should on be used on a Contractor Dingo. This is a longer and heavier trencher designed only for the bigger Dingo’s.

Click on the play button on the video to watch the Trencher in action.