Dingo Mini Digger, Earthmover & Excavator Range

30 years ago, the Dingo was a 10hp revolution in the way dirt was shifted. Today the smallest Dingo boasts 23hp and a far better hydraulic system.
Together and individually they cover the whole range of Mini loader needs and requirements. Any smaller and you have a toy, any bigger and you have a Bobcat. We are the Genuine Dingo and do not need to pretend to be Dingo.
950 4in1

950 Classic

This is the machine that revolutionised the mini digger industry in the 90’s. Now with all wheel drive, simplified operator controls and specs that shame most foreign immitators the 950 remains a favorite with tradesmen and hire companies.

‘A REAL Dingo at a comparable price’

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The ever popular Dingo All-Rounder has evolved again with some great new features. Improvement in engine and hydraulic technologies combine with Dingo innovation to form the all new 4 wheel motor AWD. Increase in hydraulic flow and pressures enable greater ground speed and more power to the attachment.

‘The world’s best all-round mini digger’

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Contractor Remote Controlled

The Remote Controlled K9-4 is the solution to those cleanup jobs where conditions are too dangerous for an operator. Remote Controlled Dingos are used in smelters, factories, mines and anywhere conditions are not suitable for an operator.

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This is the most powerful and capable mini digger ever produced. With 27hp diesel engine, class leading hydraulic flows and lifting ability the contractor is truly…

‘the world’s toughest mini digger’


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