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Used Dingos

If you are in the market for a 2nd hand Dingo you are in the right place. But when buying a 2nd hand machine how do you tell if it will be reliable and not going to cost you a heap of money to keep it running? Often when you see a 2nd hand machine advertised on Ebay or the local trading post you have no way of telling if the hydraulic pumps are OK or if the wheel motors need replacing. These can be damaged from contamination and have a life span of 2000 to 3000 hrs and are around $1000 each. So when buying from Ebay etc, factor in $2000 - $3000 + labour for potential hydraulic problems.

Dingo Reconditioned Secondhand Mini Loaders

You can buy a 2nd hand machine from Dingo with confidence because all our second hand machines are reconditioned by us. Each machine has had the following checks and tests to ensure that it runs like new.

  1. Hydraulic flow & Pressure test to ensure hydraulic pumps are working properly and the relief pressures are at the required level for the machine to operate properly.
  2. ‘Dingo Dyno’ Test.  We have developed a unique Dingo Dyno that enables us to individually test each wheel motor to ensure it is working like new. Before we developed this Dyno machine it was difficult to isolate wheel motor issues.
  3. Engine and Hydraulic Service.
  4. Inspection and replacement of pins and bushes as required.
Call us on 1300 4 DINGO (34 646) for available reconditioned machines.

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