Blades are extremely useful for filling long trenches. All you have to do is set the angle and drive from end to end.

Blades are also great for pushing dirt, making drains and shifting snow.

The Dingo Blade is 1.2m wide and can angle and tilt just like a bulldozer.

The Dingo Blade is reversible, top to bottom. This will double the life of the blade. Then look again at the cutting edge and you will see that the cutter has been designed with a heel. If you tilt the blade just right, this heel will allow you to even grade sand.

By tilting the blade forward and backward you can vertical angle of the blade allowing you to grade drains & taper edges.

Used For: Pushing dirt and debris, backfilling trenches, forming shallow drains.

Used By: Plumbers, Electricians, Fencing, Contractors, Hire Companies, Landscapers, Builders:

Used With: Trencher