The Dingo Debris Puller is primarily used to remove materials from difficult to reach places that require cleaning, like conveyors, scaffolding, kilns and sawmills.

With as many as 3 extensions which can reach up to 5m and is capable of pulling debris from hard to reach areas like from under wash plants, coal spills and shifting build-up around bulk silos. It can even pull chip bark from under a sawmill de-barker.

The Debris Puller proves its worth when debris can be removed from under a conveyor safely without the need to shut down the conveyor as required when removing debris with man power and shovel.

Used For: Pushing and pulling debris from under difficult to reach places.

Used By: Mines, Factories, Wash and Processing Plants, Power Stations, Brick Factories and Sawmills.

Used With: Bucket, Broom.