Why a JUNGLE TAMER? It tames the jungle.

Ever wished the mower was bigger, stronger and heaps more robust?

Ever wished the mulcher you bought would pick up the sticks and rubbish and just melt them into mulch?
Do you really want to “tame that jungle out the back?”
It is a Jungle Tamer. It prepares that overgrown jungle so that the old mower can do a great job next time.
It cuts it all up fine and spreads it like any good mulcher.
This device is unique to Dingo and it really does need the power and strength of the later series Dingos.
“ This one tough bit of kit.”
Used for: Overgrown paddocks and/or roadside cleanup to mulch and breakdown materials such as long, thick grass, noxious weeds, sticks, small branches and debris.
Used by: Landscapers, Farmers, Local Councils, Vineyards

Go get the “Ozzy Jungle Tamer”.

Is it a mower? Not really.

Is it a mulcher? Not really.