The Post Hole Digger (PHD) is one of the most powerful attachments for the Dingo, easily able to out-dig many larger machines.

The Dingo Post Hole Digger is fitted with and 8:1 reduction gear box that gives enough torque to dig holes up to a 750mm diameter and up to a depth of 3m.

You can dig to 1.5m with a standard auger, up to 2m with an Auger Extension and 3m with the Pinocchio Extension.

With the correct digging teeth fitted, the Dingo can be used to dig through concrete, sandstone, reinforced road base and bitumen.

Auger Mate – This handy tool is part of the multi tool kit and allows you to lift heavy augers off your trailer, saving your back.

Post Mate – This handy tool is unique to Dingo and allows you to increase the down-force on the auger in tough digging. (No other mini digger in the market has this capability). The post mate is also useful for lifting the wheels off the ground when changing your tyers. Don’t buy a PHD without the Post Mate. It’s that useful!

Pinocchio Extension – This extension unique to Dingo allows you to dig up to a depth of 3m without needing to add and remove auger extensions.

Used For: Digging post holes in soil, clay, sand, rock/shale, planting trees and driving earth screws.

Used By: Contractors, Landscapers, Fencing Contractors and Hire Companies.

Used With: Cement Mixer, Post Mate, Auger Mate and Auger Extensions.