The Dingo Post Hole Mate is designed to help you dig holes faster and easier!

The Post Hole Mate slips onto the step of your Dingo and allows you to put a lot more down pressure onto the cutting part of the auger, hence you dig a faster hole, and much easier through rocks and hard ground. No other mini digger has this ability.

But that’s not all. If you need to change a tyre, or put the over tyre trax on, then you crowd the bucket and enabling you to lift all 4 wheels off the ground, with the bucket lifting the front while the Post Hole Mate holds his end up as well.

When you finish the lifting exercises, turn the Post Hole Mate over and slip it onto the step upside down.

Good old Mate. Always working for you.

Used For: Digging post holes faster & deeper

Used By: Fencing Contractors, Landscapers, Builders