Lil’ Dog Dingo Plant Trailer


The Dingo Lil’ Dog trailer is a step deck dog trailer incorporating our revolutionary Eye-Tie design. The advantage of a dog trailer is that it is like two trailers in one. The front deck above the turntable is supported by it's own set of tandem axles eliminating the weight on the back of the tow vehicle. The rear deck has its own axles and drops down 200mm lowering the centre of gravity and making it easier to load your gear. This trailer is designed for the contractor who needs to carry a lot of gear. The trailer has a 6m deck with a step of 200mm at 2.6m.

The trailer can carry all sorts of gear including vehicles with the use of the onboard short ramps. The Eye-Tie design has tie down points all around the tray, both inside and outside the deck, giving you an incredible range of options for tying down your gear. The Eye-Tie slots, also hold the latches for the removable racks that can be attached anywhere along the deck.

The trailer has a powder coated steel frame with aluminium floor and sides for reduced weight.





Brakes 10" Electric Brakes On 4 axles
Rims "6 Stud 16"
Tare 1400kg
Agg Trailer Mass 3490kg or 4490kg, depending on customer needs
Total Length 7750mm, deck length 6m (2.6m and 3.4m)
Total Width 2000mm