Why Dingos Are The Best

For over 30 years, we have been building Dingos to suit the harsh Australian Land plus withstand the harsh conditions that our Dingo owners put their products through - from the original Dingo to the advanced Dingo K9 Concept.

What makes us different from the competitors is our build quality. We understand better than anyone else what our Dingo owners put their machines through. We have seen numerous foreign imitators come and go, but Dingo will always remain at the top.

Considering a Dingo? Below are a few reasons why Dingo is the only choice.

The No 1 Reason - The multi pump hydraulic system



By maintaining separate circuits for the Dingo and its attachment a Dingo is able to:

1. Power both the Dingo and the attachment at the same time without one robbing power from the other.

2. Keep the hydraulic oil cooler by only sending the oil to where it needs to go. i.e. When trenching the Dingo gets 5% of the oil whilst the trencher gets 95%.

3. This controls your ground speed, maximises digging power and keeps the oil cooler by minimising the components it has to travel through.

4. Gives the Dingo up to three drive speeds by the ability to switch the pumps between circuits.

5. Infinitely control the division of power between the two circuits to control ground speed (when trenching) and maximise flow to the attachment.

6. The best hydraulic flows and pressures in the industry

No other mini digger/loader does all this as well as Dingo and most larger Bobcat style machines don’t do this at all.

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Manufactured in Australia - Built To Last

The Dingo is developed and built in Australia for Australian conditions. With a Dingo you will get a superior oversized Australian radiator, oversized air cleaners, locally available spares and a host of other features that we have developed over the past 25 years to make the Dingo work better in hot, dry Australian conditions.

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Lifts The Most Weight

With excellent weight distribution the Dingo can lift the most weight, enabling bigger buckets to get the job done faster and safer. The K9-P & K9-D have a working load of 325kg and the K9-C has a working load of a massive 440kg. No other mini loader comes close.

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We Build Our Own Attachments

This means that the attachment will match the Dingo for weight and hydraulic output unlike the competition that use 'one size fits all' attachments. 

They just work better.

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Simple & Solid Linkage System

Back in the early 90's Dingo removed the complicated self-levelling system from the design. This reduced the mount plate assembly to 3 joints (from 7) reducing the maintenance required and the wear and slop associated with the self-levelling system. (Self-levellers were designed for large loaders where the operator's vision of the load was often obstructed by the canopy). Not a problem on a Dingo.

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Cleanable Hydraulic Tank

Oil contamination is the greatest enemy of all hydraulic machines. The lid of the Dingo hydraulic tank can be removed to allow thorough cleaning, should contamination occur.

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Powder Coating

The best machine needs the best finish. Dingo models are sand blasted, primed, powder coated and baked in our own plant for a harder wearing, longer lasting finish.

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Superior Joint System

NO GREASE! The Dingo joint system uses Teflon type bushes with chrome coated pins. Greasable joints need greasing every day and tend to make a mess and attract grit to the joint. The Dingo system allows you to work or hire your machine for weeks at a time without having to rely on the operator to grease the joints.

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Best Narrow Access Ability

Over the years the Dingo machines have had huge improvements in ability and power, but they have never increased in width. With optional narrow wheels the Dingo models are the narrowest in the market and can fit through a standard doorway.

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Hydraulic Power

Dingo is a 'hydraulic power plant on wheels' designed to run attachments. The Dingo models have the best hydraulic power in their class, and better than most larger skid steer machines.

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Heavy Duty Plastic Fuel Tanks

These tanks are big enough for a full days work. Tough, resistant to condensation and easily removed and cleaned out if contamination does occur.  Fuel tanks on all of the Ozzy Dingo Range are located inside the side panels.

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Operator Comfort

The Dingo has the widest and most comfortable operators platform on the market. Unlike other machines the hot radiator and hydraulic tank are well away from the operator. Airflow is sucked through the radiator and pushed away from the operators legs.

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Proper Handle Bars

If you are going to stand on a machine and do some serious work you will need something to hang onto. Some foreign mini loaders have joystick controls but little to hang onto. Imagine riding a motorbike with joysticks and no handlebars!!! It doesn't make sense.

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Stable Lift System

A lift ram on each side gives greater strength & stability.  Dingo arms are the width of the machine giving greater strength and stability for your machine and attachments.

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