One of the great benefits of owning a Dingo is how quickly you can pack up your kit and move it with a specially designed Dingo trailer. Once your job is finished, you can be packed up and ready to go in just a few minutes.

A well set up Dingo trailer is also great advertising for your contracting business. Many jobs have been won leaning up against a Dingo trailer after someone has flagged you down.

The Dingo Plant trailers are made by Dingo especially for Dingo’s and their attachments so you can be sure they will be perfect for the job and will last. We use only the best components and powder coat all out trailers so they will look great for years.

Dingo trailers are the result of years of research to find the best way to transport your Dingo kit. Like the Dingo, they are built tough for tough conditions. We also realise that a lot of vehicles are unable to tow a large amount of weight, so that is why we have designed a variety of trailers to suit various needs.